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Heart-Centered Career Coach to Burned Out Teachers Who are Ready for a Career Change
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Watch the video. If the message resonates with you, sign up for a 20-minute Discovery Session.


The mission at Teachers in Transition is simple. Essener Tapete Ambiance G67813 Blätter Blatt Farn metallic Vliestapete VliesWe help burned teachers who are ready to explore and find new fulfilling careers.

As a former educator herself, Kitty Boitnott, the founder of Boitnott Coaching, LLC and Teachers in Transition, understands how you feel if you are thinking about making a career change. She also knows the stress you feel from wanting to make a career change and not knowing where to start.

Kitty has created a proven system for teachers who want to reinvent and retool themselves for new career paths.

She did it for herself first in 2013, and since then she has helped dozens of others. Check out the variety of Case Studies that are available where you can hear other teachers tell their own stories of success. Some stayed with teaching and just got better assignmentsEssener Tapete Ambiance G67816 Tinta Unita Beige OPACO. Some have left teaching altogether. All of them are happier than they were before working with Kitty.

Before you go, please take advantage of one or all of the gifts below including a checklist, an assessment, a cheat sheet, and the two free eBooks at the bottom of the page. They cost nothing, but they may all be beneficial to you. Read on to learn more about how Teachers in Transition may be able to help you move forward in your career and your life. If you want to learn more, let's talk.

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Have you been feeling symptoms of burnout? Not sure? CEssener Tapete Ambiance G67797 Tile Squares Wall Tile Fleece Wallpaper


 Download a free checklist of the 7 signs of teacher burnout from TeachersinTransition.

Teacher burnout is on the rise across the country. I know this because I talk to teachers every day from all over the United States plus Canada. 

It interferes with every aspect of your life.Essener Tapete Grunge G45342 alte Holzwand Holzpaneele Altholz Vliestapete Vlies


One of the first things you may need to do is determine the level of your burnout and stress. Once you have learned that, you can start to take steps to manage it.


The sooner you identify your stress level, the better.


You need to get a handle on your physical, mental, and emotional stress as soon as possible. Letting it go unchecked will lead to your getting sick.


Check your general stress level by downloading a free stress assessment tool here.


Download a free stress assessment tool from TeachersinTransition.


Did you score more than 10 “yes” answers on the stress assessment instrument? If so, download this free cheat sheet on 7 strategies for managing stress better here.  


The  “Stress Management Cheat Sheet” offers steps you should take immediately to help lessen your stress. Essener Tapete Grunge G45352 Antiguas Pared Muro Piezas de LadrilloYou need to get a handle on it and manage it better.

Regardless of your stress level, if you are here, you are looking for help. You may be feeling distress caused by your teaching job.

So, let me ask you flat out.  

“Dr. Kitty Boitnott (Kitty) is an incredible career advisor and coach! I am still amazed at how she so quickly reviewed my resume, marketing plan, and accomplishments to help me make it a cohesive story. She gave me the exact feedback I needed to improve my resume and job search. Her encouragement and professional style guided me to find the job of my dreams.”

Linda D.

Project Manager

Essener Tapete Grunge G45360 Old Metal Rust Rostwand Wall Fleece Wallpaper   Donnovan M.“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Kitty on my career transition and also getting to know her personally.Essener Tapete Grunge G45373 Large Tile Ornament Grey Fleece Wallpaper Fleece She has been encouraging and supportive while walking with me on my journey. Kitty has been the key to helping me develop my LinkedIn page, refine my resume to the latest standards and giving me a better way to express myself when writing cover letters. Although I came into this professional relationship knowing what I wanted to do, I can appreciate her knowledge and ability to guide people through the exploration process by asking the right questions to promote the right kind of personal exploration.”

Donnovan M.

Former Teacher and Administrator

“It has been such a pleasure working with Kitty. She has so much guidance to offer and is a truly authentic person. Working with Kitty for just a couple months on career guidance, I have made substantial progress in several areas that I know I could not have done on my own. Essener Tapete Italia Classic 22912 Ornamento Barroco ViniloShe is extremely responsive and insightful. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach in career transitions.”

Eileen W.

Healthcare Professional


There are many things you need to think about and consider when you think you might be ready for a new job or career. You may not have thought of everything. Essener Tapete Italian Classic 22913 Ornament Baroque Vinyl Fleece WallpaperThis eBook can help. Download for free:  10 Things You Need to Know if You Think You are Ready for a Job or Career Change.

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Do you ever feel stressed out and overwhelmed? You are not alone! More people are struggling with stress and anxiety than ever before. If you are one of them, you want this free eBook.Stressed, Stretched, and Just Plain Overwhelmed:  A Guide to Managing Your Stress and Developing a Greater Sense of Work-Life Balance.

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